Join thousands of satisfied mothers: try unique massages and therapies by Lenka Hajtašová in Stupava

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Discover the secrets of relief and relaxation with Lenka Hajtašová - your specialist in therapies for women and babies. Lenka Hajtasova is an expert in massage and therapies, with numerous services specially designed for women, mothers on maternity leave and infants. She has been giving massages since 2005, as a masseuse. Her main focus is massage for women, pregnant mothers, infant massage, pre-natal preparation - baby handling, as well as teaching massage to mothers before the baby is born, which mothers are still learning on the doll.

Join thousands of satisfied mothers: try unique massages and therapies by Lenka Hajtašová in Stupava

Massages for infants are taught to moms by touching the baby themselves.

She also offers relaxing full body massages, classic massages according to individual client needs, lava stone massages, full body lymphatic drainage and honey detox massage.

Lenka is also an expert in kinesiology and foot reflexology. She also offers ACCESS BARS® therapies, including the Access Facelift.

In the field of alternative medicine, she is involved in craniosacral therapy, chakra cleansing and harmonization, Reiki therapy and foot reflexology. Her work focuses on the overall adventurous state of the client, which includes not only the physical body, but also the soul... "I have been walking a long path of personal development...but I still feel like I am missing a piece to the puzzle and therapies and massages are a whole that is hard to separate for me

One of the unique elements of her services is the ability to come in for a massage with a baby or stroller. This allows mothers on maternity leave to take advantage of the time when their baby is asleep or playing in a specially prepared corner.

Lenka Hajtašová is characterized by her ability to understand the needs of her clients and provides them not only with relaxation and pain relief, but also with overall harmonization of body and soul. If you have a desire for a quality massage or therapy, Lenka is the perfect choice for all women who want to pamper themselves. Of course, partners are also welcome.

What Lenka revealed about herself:

I love pleasant encounters and travelling. Thanks to my work I have had the opportunity to travel halfway around the world.

For twenty years I was a member of the first country ensemble in Slovakia, Bzc&DT. In addition to westerns, we were also interested in historical dances, specifically the Italian Renaissance. It was a space where I could realize myself not only in costume design, but also in dance.

Music and dance of all kinds are my life elixir - they give me energy to continue creating, being alive with my family.


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